Welcome to The Beer and Food Project!  A place of experimentation and where the true potential of pairing beer with food is realized!

This is my partial and personal contribution to the vast arena that is beer and food.  I'll offer recipes and pairings for those recipes and a few personal but brief anecdotes along the way.  It's a place to talk beer and food and dip into some deeper discussion on that subject but mostly its a place for me to noodle and for all to enjoy.


*Note*  I've developed these recipes to pair specifically with the beers in each post.  If you don't have access to the beer listed, please feel free to contact me so that I can suggest a comparable substitute.            

About the Chef

Andrew Hroza is a chef and certified cicerone from the great beer and food city of Chicago.  He has been cooking since he could wield a knife and has worked his way through restaurant kitchens of all shapes and sizes.  He loves cooking food that both honors tradition and explores new territory and believes strongly that cuisine in which the elements of good ingredients are allowed to shine, is the finest.  By day, Andrew can be found admiring his charcuterie cooler in one of the city's most esteemed brew pubs hacking apart ribs and tending the mammoth smoker at Warpigs Brewpub in Copenhagen.  And by night, searing, poaching, braising and playing in his home kitchen, cold beer in hand!        

About the Sous

Sarah is a Jane-of-all-trades -photographer, editor, garlic pealer, onion chopper, official taste tester and doer of numerous small but immensely important blog tasks.  Lucky gal that she is, Sarah is also the chef's wife.  She loves (LOVES!) food but claims to only sort of like beer … until Andrew presents her with a luscious bite of pate or a bit of fatty cheese and a chilled tulip brimming with IPA.  Then she remembers that, oh right, she actually really, really likes beer!  

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