Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Sauerkraut: A Bonus Post

As a wedding gift we received a beautiful handmade, sauerkraut pot from Sarah's Uncle Doug, a gifted potter from Navarro, CA. It's sturdy  - just like any good crock should be - but its also rather visually striking.  It slightly reminds us of a treasure you might find hidden in an ancient tomb or archeological site.  Spattered with the delicate reminisce of the salt kiln and etched with carvings of Doug's design, it's a prized possession for sure!

Tucked inside the pot was a handwritten copy of Doug's secret sauerkraut recipe which I won't reveal here (it IS a secret, after all) but I will offer my own recipe below. 

If you're lucky enough to score one of these pots (they are highly sought after and laborious to make so cross your fingers and contact Doug) all you need is cabbage, salt and spices as the slotted weights are provided.

If you don't have a custom sauerkraut pot try this jar recipe.  Either way, it's pretty simple if you have patience and give it time.  Some say it takes 4-6 weeks, I say it can be done plenty well in 2-3.  You be the judge but by all means start now - sausage season is upon us!  



1 Head Napa Cabbage
2 Tbsp Sea Salt
1 Tbsp Mulling Spices 

Note:  This recipe doesn't have a beer pairing.  Trying to pair one beer with sauerkraut would be folly. It's simply a recipe for sauerkraut for sauerkraut's sake.  Hence, the "bonus" in the bonus post

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